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Adding Illumination to the Scorpio 95+ Coin Box

Illuminated Coin Box (switch to right is not for the light)

The drivers coin box on the Scorpio is useful for the storage of pens etc, but unfortunately doesnít have any nighttime illumination. It is a simple task to add an LED that will provide ample light for night usage. The modification is very simple and required just 10 minutes.

The driverís dash area that contains the Coin Box can be dissembled by removing 4 screws. Two from the side and two from inside the Coin Box.

I selected a high intensity white 5mm LED (Farnell 352-6884). A plastic clip was used to mount the LED through a hole drilled as shown in the picture. Drill the hole once the dash area is dissembled to avoid damaging wiring or components.

Ensure the location of the LED doesnít interfere with anything when the dash area is offered back to its position.

The LED will require a series resistor to limit the current flowing through it. Use the following, to calculate the value for the chosen component.

R = 14-Vf

Here, Vf is the LEDís forward voltage drop & If is the LEDís forward current.

(If a suitable 12V resistor equipped, or suitable constant current LED is used a resistor is not required).

LED & Resistor connections.

The chassis connection can be made to the metal work to the front of the dash (just under the wood effect part). Connect the remaining resistor leg side to the smaller diameter green wire that comes from the ignition switch connector, (follow the wire from the key switch and you will find an inline connector).

The LED will be on when the ignition is on (Key position 2). As little current is consumed even by white high intensity LEDís; this should not cause a problem. (Its not advised to use the trip computer switch illumination supply).

(No fuse was fitted, in a catastrophic failure of the LED, its failure mode would be open circuit. If however in doubt and you also want to protect the short wires from the LED/Resistor, fit an inline fuse of 1amp rating).

For small quantities of resistors, mounting clips & LEDís companies such as Maplin Electronics are practical. Visit



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