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  Derby Meet  2nd May 2004

After the success of last years meeting it was a unanimous decision from all of the 15 or so attendees that Kevin T. should go ahead and arrange the meeting again this year.

After some discussion Kevin decided that the date would be Sunday 2nd May 2004 to be held at the Kestrel at Hatton near Derby and that all we could do was pray for the fine weather that we all enjoyed last year. See it does work!

It all started  well before Christmas in November 2003 with Kevin putting the first post on the forum...Well the results can be seen.

Thanks to Wayne for this fantastic panoramic shot ...

There were 42 Scorpios there this year in all the different guises with one or two surprises and even George turned up in a 24 v Senator so we let him in.  Well, we had too, having had his beloved stolen only two nights ago while he was out celebrating at a local hostelry near to his home town of Preston. ( See News item on Forum)  As well as his wife giving him another beautiful baby girl.

But that is another story..

So back to the meeting.

42 scorpios all in one place at the same time is a sight to behold . I think the last time that there was a many as this in one place has to have been in the holding compound in Germany.. until now that is. If the numbers keep on increasing at this rate then we will need a bigger parking area next year.... The food at the Kestrel is awesome in particular the carvery.. thanks to all the staff and the owner.

'I think we got ourselves a Convoy' - thanks to Maddy and Paul-B for this pic

Sunday 2nd May 2004 arrived with the weather at home in Chester fine and dry and after the short trip to the Kestrel (It's only 60 miles for me) my wife and I arrived at 11 am, earlier than last year but still about 20th. Kevin was arranging the car parking and not giving us bigger and older not so supple chaps much room to get out... But we managed it and the Scorpios just kept arriving. A good convoy from the southwest and another from the south east. which I understand had joined up somewhere along the way, and then they got lost! I wondered at one stage if we would have enough room on the car park for all these Scorpios but we did..

I was determined this year to get a list of the attendees and so spent much on my time introducing myself to others and getting names and car details, so not many pictures from me .. but I did manage one or two and a group photo.... Thanks to all who got their faces on the camera but my SLR camera was playing up .. yet again, so no pictures from that one (Well it is very old like me and in need of replacement) but the digital ones look ok at first glance.

Kevin took some pictures and has done a video of the day so if you need a copy of that send him an email and I am sure he will send you the details by return on how to obtain a copy, but you could also look here;action=display;num=1083516996;start=12#12

Kevin T had arranged for his local Air conditioning man to be there Daryl Ellis who owns and runs AC/DC Air Conditioning and even though he had pre-booked 15 cars. I think in the end Daryl ended up doing somewhere in the region of 20 cars including my own, which had never been done before, though it was still working quite efficiently. A full regas was done, however  to the new recommended amount. The only difference I have noticed so far is that the compressor now seems to be working quieter... Must be that new oil and the increased amount of refrigerant.  Daryl did state that it was a mislabelling rather than misfiling on the A/C sticker as they had all come out of the factory with the 1000g of refrigerant.


He replaced 'O' rings, if needed and  checked for leaks and if you didn't need anything doing then he didn't do anything , no charge for just a check. can't ask for better than that.

Andrew (Scorpio man) was there again this year having travelled down from Glasgow and was doing a brisk trade with his laptop computer and OBD II software trying to sort out faults and clear codes. He will become an expert at it if he carries on like that, but he really did do a sterling job for those that needed it.

Well worth reading his journey write up on the forum;action=display;num=1083589700

Now that is dedication or does he just get lonely in bonnie Scotland!

There was some buying and selling taking place with Danny R., Peter (Jag16) providing some of the bits and pieces .. and I think Baz had some in his boot as well but I'm not sure of that one.... and did Oliver D. have some?.. don't know but nothing would surprise me but there seemed a distinct lack of Estate wiper arms .. bad harvest last year....!. There was even some replacing of minor parts taking place like trying different MAF's, replacing fuses , but most of the day by and large was spent admiring looking and generally talking. Exchanging experiences giving advice if needed and meeting a really great crowd, and that is what it was this year,  a great crowd of like-minded people.

 I will try to make Harewood and if Eric R does his Orpington thing again this year I might even try to make that one as well, its about 280 Miles so and overnight stay and perhaps a good time to have a trip to stock up on booze (Now that IS a good idea) as the South coast is a long way from home and apparently not very far from the Tunnel.

Lee's Car was providing some interest as it was a 24v Cosworth saloon but had NO form of A/C fitted at all but a quick check with the powers that be inform me that it is listed as an 'M' series car  whatever that is and built in that form....

Kevin T also was displaying his new Extras - looked good and sounded awesome..  Someone else had a boot full of Stereo extras.. looked impressive, There were DVD players and a host of other bits and pieces. One thing I missed was the new Mod for the lock on go etc. with the audible / visual flash on alarm set.

I think the wives and female partners that attended all meet up at some stage along the way formed new friendships and generally had as  good a time as the MEN....Well I didn't get any complaints this year.

Here in NO  particular order here are the names of those that attended and a big thank you to you all because without you coming along it would not have happened


Wayne Worral 2.0l 16v Ultima Ash Black

Richard Griffin 24v Cosworth State Blue

John Skelton 24 V Cosworth Silver

Nev Price 24v Cosworth Aubergine

Craig Stones 2.3 Ultima Cuirass

Michael & Siomara (Romulus) 2.0l (16v) Auraliss

Jeremy Beadle 2.0l (16v) Auraliss

Dave Bentley 24v Cosworth Silver

Martin Rowe 24v Cosworth Maroon

Dave Boulton 24 v Tourmallard Green

Barry Fippard 2.3 Tourmallard Green

Dean Price 24v Silver

Mike Gallery 24v  White

Tony Horrocks 24v Diamond White

Geoff Walsh 2.0 (16v) Blue

Lee Roberts 24v Tourmallard Green

Andrew Higgins 2.3 Estate (LPG) Silver

Dave Richards 12v Petrol Blue

Ren Price 2.0 16v executive estate  Nantucket Grey

Keith Purdy-Valentine 2.3 Tourmallard Green

Simon Harper 2.3 Panther Black

Danny Richardson 2.0 (16v) Aubergine

Kevin Richardson 2.0 (16) Tourmallard Green

Barry Jones 24v Nouveau Red

Nick Scaife 24v Tourmallard Green

Paul Boulton 24v State Blue

Andy Dunn 2.0 (16v) Ash Black

Robert Ballard  2.3 Burgandy

Oliver Dawson 24v Estate Cuirass

Alan Coleman 24v Tourmallard Green

Rob Herkes 2.0 (16v) Estate Tourmallard Green

Geoff Gunn 24v Ash Black

James Darley 2.5 TD Tourmallard Green

John Philimore 12v Estate Blue

Kenn Flynn 2.3 White

Kevin Tulloch 24v Nouveau Red

Peter Sensecall 24v Tourmallard Green

Gazz  Sensecall 24v Loden Green


If I have missed any one off please let Eric R,  Pete C, or Steve C know, not me, and I am sure he'll add you to the list....

The time just flew by I talked to most of the people along the way and eventually found the wife again and at 4.45pm   decided that it was time to go home. We had the most brilliant weather, my bald head got sunburnt yet again (NO hat) and still hurts. I learnt one or two lttle things from others and generally chatted. Made some great friends and can't wait for the next one. When is it Kevin? As some has already said on the forum The Big Fella upstairs must have a Scorpio because he did us proud with the weather..  Again! Not too hot, clear blues skies and warm enough for 'T' shirts!

Thanks to every one who attended especially Kevin and the people who thought up the web site in the first place, because without it we would all that much poorer -  not only in knowledge but in friends ...

Regards to all .........Snoopy




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