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Weston-Scorpio-Mare Meet 2004

Michael decided to organise a meeting in Weston Super Mare on Sunday 8th August, 2004. Although not too much notice was given there was still a turnout of 19 Scorpio and 1 Granada Scorpio.

The location was the Grand Hotel on the sea front of Weston Super Mare; the cars were allowed to park on the green at the front of the hotel. This location was superb and the weather held out for the day. The ladies and children had the option of walking around the town or up to the Weston Pier, all of which was within a 5 minute walk of the hotel.

Cars started arriving early in the morning and by the time I arrived at 1130am there were 12 or 13 cars already there and owners continued to arrive after me. This made a lovely spectacle.

The main topic for the day was trying to solve Greame's idling problems, a lot of suggestions were made and tried, and although the car still has a few problems it seemed to run a lot better in the end. Laptops and OBD cables with Vehicle Explorer were available to members for the day; many took advantage of this to have their diagnostics read.

Those attending included:

Michael and Siomara

Richard,Amanda and Gemma

Craig, Amanda, Latoyah and Campbell (the westie)

Mick and Kenny

George, Kerry, Shannon and Kelsey

Michael (another one)


Ken and Liz

Steve and family

Dave and Julie


Ray and Sylvia..


Greame,Paula and Alice





and Steve Shaw who travelled all the way from - Weston Super Mare.

Other places represented included Bideford, Portsmouth, Essex, Acton, Croydon, Witney, Cardiff, and Newcastle, so every one involved really did make the effort for attending. The cars were as follows,

4x 2 litres,

5 x 2.3 litre,

1 x Granada 2.8 litre, and

10 x 2.9 litre (unfortunately I do not have the breakdown of whether these were 12V or 24V.)

No unusual throw-ups occurred at this meeting (no consecutive numbers like Scorpington), although other highlights of the day included a healthy interest in my global closing modification, for which several attendee's have now made enquiries (and purchased). A raffle was organised by the host (Michael) for a large bottle of champagne, the draw was made and the winner was .... Micheal! (hmmmmmm) - we were assured it was not a fix - but I am sure he enjoyed it !!!

The superb food and the drink at the hotel was enjoyed by almost everyone who attended, but from about 2pm onwards people started to make their way home, as they did have some travelling to do. I  left at 4pm, by which time the majority of owners had left, and by 4.30 the weather had changed and being a typical British summers day, the heaven's had opened up, so nothing new there.  I for one thoroughly enjoyed the day, and everyone agreed it is nice to put a face to the name. As is always the case at these meetings, friendships were made, problems were sorted, and there was the usual 'Why is my car different than yours, it was made in the same year?' which has always been a good talking point at these gatherings.

All in all I think a great day was had by all and plans are already well underway for next years meeting, which promises to be bigger and better than 2004. Hopefully next year the figure will reach the magical 50, and if it did exceed this, there still would be plenty of room; roll on WSM 2005.

Hopefully I will see you all there.

Thanks to Craig S for text and pix





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