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Using OBD Diagnostics
OBD2 in Detail


OBD2 Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people call it VE as well as OBD?

OBD is the On-Board Diagnostic system installed in the EECV powertrain control module. VE is Vehicle Explorer, which is the DOS programme that connects with the EECV through the OBD-2 lead.


Do I need an expensive Laptop?

No. In fact the latest laptops are not equipped with serial ports, so older cheaper ones are an advantage. The program is very compact and memory is not an issue. Literally any laptop with a serial port should be fine.


Could I manage with my desktop PC?

You could. The OBD-2 lead can be extended to about 10 metres. Or you could take the desktop to the car on an extended lead.


Will it work with Windows XP?

Yes, and W3.1, W95, W98 W2000 and XP. It even works running MS-DOS ! Not sure about NT though.


Why do I get a 'connection busy' signal?

Wait until after Windows boots up before you install the OBD lead, otherwise Windows mistakes the OBD lead for a mouse and installs a driver for it - then you get the 'port busy' signal.


I'm not very technical - how will I manage the scans?

Scans are recorded automatically, unless you tell Vehicle Explorer not to. You just need to name the file when you end the scan in the window that opens. Simple as that!


What do I do if I find a Trouble Code in memory?

You look up the DTCs in the OBD Detail pages. This gives you the information you need to carry out a repair.


Is this the same as the Ford WDS?

The DTC retrieval, clearing and datalogging is the same as the Ford Diagnostic system WDS, but easier.


Can I look for error codes on the ABS?

Yes.  Mark P has worked on this with Car Code in the US.  If you buy the ISO/PWM combi lead the Vehicle Explorer will now communicate with the ABS Module, too.


When I clear codes I always get one DTC - P1000, why?

When you clear the DTCs you also clear all the OBD Tests from memory. Until the OBD tests are run and passed P1000 shows as OBD tests not completed. It can be ignored as long as you know why the memory has been cleared: (Codes cleared or a battery disconnect, for example).


How do I get help with a scan?

There are three files for every scan,  .dat,  .txt and  .log. As long as these three files are together in a folder, then Vehicle Explorer can play the scan back. You can zip these files together and put them onto Anyboard so that other owners can review them.


Why won't it work on my 12V?

Vehicle Explorer uses the OBDII system in the EECV. The 12V engine still uses the EECIV from the Granada and this is not compatible with the OBDII standard. You can use the Star reader, though.


And what about my 2.5 TDi?

Same here. The Post-1996 2.5 diesel has a limited function with the OBD cable, but this is not guaranteed.


Does it work with other Fords?

Yes. The Vehicle Explorer has been tested on several different Fiestas, Mondeos, and Focuses. Any EECV-equipped car can be scanned - this means most Fords built 1994-on..


It just won't connect with my Scorpio.

Take off the lower driver's side kick panel and check that the OBD connector (DLC - Data Link Connector) is properly populated. Perhaps a pin has come out or a previous owner has misused a +12v wire from the plug.





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