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Search the Ford Scorpio Site

The ONLY 5 star rated Scorpio repairer and parts dealer. Located in Devon but so worth the drive!

If you need Ford parts at the cheapest prices by Mail Order from FordPartsUK then click here.

The home of Cosworth - suppliers of the truly great car engines.

Check out their prices and special offers - cheaper than your local Halfords!

Lower cost Catalytic Converters and Lambda sensors for the range of Scorpios.

Toughseal is a new complete paint protection package for the exterior and interior of cars, boats, caravans and aircraft.

The Orbital Polisher buffs, polishes and sands with a motion like that of the human hand but 100 times faster.

German Site with English translations

Useful site for Granada and European Scorpio vehicles in Russian and English

Ford RS and Rally memorabilia


Czech site with English translations

Granada Enthusiasts Club
Excellent resource and info site

More owner reviews

Road test reports and review of the 24V Ultima

If you want to have a laugh and disagree with the rating the Scorpio got then visit UglyCars :)

Russian site - not in English, but with Scorpio wiring diagrams in PDF format.

Thanks guys!

Mercedes-Benz Resource site - for your second car!



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