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The lowest specification Scorpio models may not have air conditioning fitted at all - idle pulleys may be fitted on the drive belts at the front of the engine in place of a compressor.  Mid-specification models have air conditioning, in which the interior temperature is controlled manually by the driver by selecting the aircon on/off switch and juggling with the heater control.  Higher specification models have SATC (Semi-Automatic Air Conditioning) in which the temperature of each side of the front of the cabin is maintained according to preference. 

The Scorpio was the first Ford car with installed SATC.  At delivery, every car equipped with the new Ford Climate Control had an audio tape explaining how the system worked.  Listen to this now! (1.1 Mb MP3 file) ScorpioCC [Right-button click and select download] - thanks to PeteC.

After some years of research by Pete C and contributions by many other owners, the AC Index is now a most complete resource. Every aspect of the Air Con and Climate Control (SATC) is now covered, and details are given in the menu on the left.  A Booster Modification is available to increase the SATC performance in very hot weather - see A/C Booster Mod on the left menu.

The full workshop manuals for the Heater and Air Conditioning are the lowest two buttons on the left menu.

1.  Heater/Aircon controls panel (LHD shown)

2.  Blower control

3.  Air distribution switch

4.  RHS temperature LCD

5.  RHS temperature control

6.  LHS temperature control

7.  Recirculated Air switch

8.  Inside Temperature sensor

9.  Air Conditioning switch

10. Sun load sensor

11. SATC module

12. Discharge temperature sensors (in heater housing)

13. Heater Blower Control module (on evaporator)

14. Outside Temperature sensor (on evaporator)

      (Not shown) Evaporator temperature sensor






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