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AC - How it works
A/C Booster Mod
A/C Thermal Fuse
Climate Control
Climate Control Reset
Cleaning the A/C system
Recharging the AC
AC Repairs
AC Electrical
AC Drain Pipes
AC Hi Pressure Pipe
AC Compressor
Test De-ice Switch
Drain holes
Heater Matrix
HBC Fan repair
Pollen Filters
Test the HBC
AC agents
A/C Manual
Heater Manual





Air Conditioning Workshop Manual

The following pages are the Ford Workshop Manual for the Scorpio air conditioning in PDF (Acrobat) format. Please respect Ford copyright.

Air Conditioning

System description

Safety General

Safety Regulations

Workshop equipment


System Components

SATC Module

Control Panel

Compressor 16V

Compressor 24V


Deice switch


Evaporator 16V

Evaporator 24V

Expansion Valve

Exterior Temp Sensor

SATC Footwell Temp Sensor

Sun sensor


Refrigerant Lines (pipes)

Lines - Disconnect and Reconnect

Compressor to Expansion Valve 

Dehydrator to Condenser

Compressor to Condenser

Expansion Valve to Dehydrator


After Servicing

SATC Special Checks - fault codes and reset procedure

Rectifying oil level

Refrigerant Drain and Refill

Check after repairs




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