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  Changing Fascia (Dashboard) & Instrument Bulbs

One of the most common questions asked by new Scorpio owners is  "One of my instrument bulbs has gone out - how do I change them? How do I get the heater bezel off? "

Here are all the answers.

Diagrams by kind permission of Ford (Europe) NOTE: LHD vehicle shown
Heater Control Bulbs (Low Series - non Climate Control)
1. Pull off the heater control knobs.
2. Remove the two screws securing the heater control bezel.

Only prise out the bezel from the air distribution control switch side of the bezel to prevent breakage of the locating tang at the opposite side.

3. Prise out the heater control bezel.

Use a pad between the screwdriver and the surround to prevent damage.
4. Remove the heater control bezel from the instrument panel facia.

1. Pull out from the bezel.
2. Slide to one side to disengage the locating tang.

5. The heater control has a bulb mounted inside the switch. Change this bulb.

Remove the appropriate bulb.

Twist the bulb/holder anticlockwise to remove.

Finis 6 579 838 (1 off)
In addition, there are three heater control bezel bulbs which can be changed. They are accessed at the rear of the bezel.

Finis 1 024 681 (3 off)

Heater Control Bulbs (Hi Series - with Climate Control)
The High Series Scorpio bezel is different. Instead of a blower switch mounted in the dash, the Climate Control is a single unit which incorporates the blower controls and the side temperature displays. The bezel must be unclipped from the dash to gain access to the bulbs - there are three.

If there are no other bulbs to change in the instrument panel, then the CC control bezel can be removed on its own leaving the fascia undisturbed - but great care must be taken not to scratch the 'wood' or surround while releasing the bezel.
There are no screws in the front of the CC bezel as there are above. The bezel locking tabs are above and below the Recirc and A/C buttons.

Use a flat instrument to press down into the locking tabs, while prising the bezel outward.

Once the bezel is free, carefully remove the ribbon connector and go to 7 below.

Remove the Fascia

If there are other bulbs to be changed as well, it may be easier to remove the fascia, leaving the CC bezel in place.

1. Remove the lower driver's fascia panel by removing the screws shown.

Detach the trip computer multiplug connector if fitted, and the data link connector. This is only to prevent damage by straining these connections.

It is not necessary to disconnect the hood release cable.
2 Pull off the heater control knobs. (Note: low series bezel shown)

3 Remove the radio/cassette unit. Make sure you have the KeyCodes!
4 Detach the instrument panel fascia (six screws).

Lower the steering column and draw it forward on the reach/rake adjustment. Although the steering column shroud is shown removed, in practice this is not necessary exercising care and using the steering on lowest/furthest rake/reach.
5. Disconnect the clock multiplug.

Ease the instrument panel facia forwards to disconnect the multiplug.
Hi - Series vehicles only

5a Disconnect the heater blower motor switch assembly multiplug.

1 Release the multiplug retaining clips.
2 Disconnect the multiplug.

All vehicles  
6. Disconnect the multiplugs and remove the instrument panel fascia.

1 Light switch.
2 Headlamp levelling switch (if fitted).
3 Bezel Illumination.

6a Disconnect the multiplugs to the heated windscreen and rear window (if fitted).
7. The bulbs for the climate control unit are mounted in the front of the unit. (3 off 1 024 681)

Instrument Cluster
Now the fascia is off, this is the time to change the bubs in the instrument cluster!
1. Remove the four screws shown.
2. Ease the cluster forwards and remove the two multiplugs from the rear.

3. Keeping it upright, exchange the bulbs in the back of the cluster. Two types of bulbs are shown fitted here:

Larger bulb Finis 6 329 989 (4 off)

Smaller bulb Finis 7 096 694 (6 off)


There is a light in the clock, too. Surprising, with all the electronics, including ground-breaking multiplex systems, that Ford should choose an analog clock, but it keeps very good time. The bulb is in the rear of the clock and you can change it now that the fascia is off.

Finis 6 097 990

Lighting Switchgear

The bulbs in the light switch can be changed without removing the fascia. There are two bezels for the Scorpio, one with headlight levelling, and the other without.
1. Remove the light switch knob.

Using a small screwdriver depress the locking detent and pull off the switch knob.
2. Remove the bulb.
Replace the bulb, Finis 1 505 258

The switch bezel has other bulbs installed at the rear to illuminate the bezel options.
4. Remove the headlamp levelling switch knob (if fitted) by pulling it off.
5. Prise out the switch bezel.

Prise out the bezel on the light switch side only.

Use a pad between the screwdriver and surround to prevent damage.
6. Remove the switch bezel.

1 Pull out the light switch side of the bezel.
2 Slide the bezel sideways and remove.

7. Remove the appropriate bulb.

Twist the bulb/holder anticlockwise to remove.

Finis 6 579 838 (3 off)

Heated rear window/Windscreen switches
These have lights mounted in the switches. No bulb is shown in the Ford Catalogue for changing them, and it may be that the whole switch has to be changed if the bulb fails. If any owner knows whether this is so or has a method of fixing this bulb, please notify us on the mailing list:



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