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Some faults are subject to a recall and are notified to the Vehicle Inspectorate. The following are recalls involving the Scorpio. The Vehicle identification Numbers refer to the last two letters before the numbers in your Vin/Chassis/Frame number which is shown on your cars Vehicle Registration Document (V5). For example in WEONXXBHNSU12345 the last two letters are SU. This actually indicates the Build Date which in the case of SU is October 1995. You may notice that the engine number is the build date followed by the remaining numbers of the VIN, which in the case above is SU12345. This engine number thus dates the engine as well as identifying it, and this is important if you were to use the engine in a kit-car, for example, where emission levels are applied to the engine according to the date of its manufacture.

However, we digress. If you use those letters from your V5 you can check if any of the following apply to your vehicle. If they do you must check with your service history and/or Ford and ensure that this remedial work has been carried out.

Concern Date/No Vehicle Numbers Build Dates Remedial Action
Scorpio 24V - Throttle may not return to Idle tightness in throttle spindle/fouling of speed control cable 26/06/95




RP RP RR RA RG SC SK SD SE 26/8/94 to 20/4/85 Replace the speed control cable with latest type and if necessary replace throttle body with latest type
All Variants - Insecurity of rear axle studs and bolts may become loose 26/04/96


TR TA 5/2/96 to 14/3/96 Fit modified mounting blocks and replace studs with nuts and bolts


Scorpio 2.9 12V Possibility of throttle sticking road salt may contaminate throttle mechanism 22/10/96


RP RB RR RA RG SC SK SD SL SY SS ST SJ SU SM SP TB TR TA TG TC TK TD 1/8/94 to 12/7/96 Fitment of revised throttle body and where necessary a water shield
Scorpio (& Escort and Mondeo) Inadvertent deployment of Airbag unexpected passenger airbag deployment due to electrostatic discharge through air bag igniter  22/05/96


Various August 96 to February 98 Fitment of ground wire to passenger airbag




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