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Low cost LPG Conversions

Ford Scorpio 2.9 Cosworth LPG Conversion 
By Stephen Shaw

(Part 1 - installing the tank)

I chose the Doughnut tank because I wanted to keep as much of the boot space as possible. The largest tank the tyre-well would accommodate was the 70 litre (650mm x 270mm). The floor of the boot will need to be raised by about 4 inches due to the height of the tank.

Unfortunately the fitting wasn't straightforward, due to the petrol tank extending half way across the underside of the well making it impossible to correctly fit the securing bracket and the vent pipe. After checking with FES, I preceded as follows.

Firstly the two short studs which secure the spare wheel fixing had to be removed with little hammer-work.

I then position the tank so that the bolt hole is closest to the near side; noted the position of the underside box section, marked and drilled. The second bolt hole [off side] cant be used due to the petrol tank. Cut enough off the appropriate stud on the fixing bracket to clear the tyrewell floor.

For the vent pipe I used a length of flexible vacuum cleaner piping so as to clear the petrol tank. A larger hole needed to be cut in the floor for this; the pipe was silicon sealed to the tank after fitting.

Fitting the Multi-valve to the tank was straightforward as per the instructions. The only problem was fitting a special "click clamp" to secure the safety valve rubber pipe, but by using a small screw against the head of the clamp and a pair of pliers it was eventually squeezed closed.

The six Allen bolts supplied needed to be torqued to 4Nm. As I haven't a torque wrench which fits Allen keys, I recalculated this to 3 lb ft. Using a small socket and extension bar over the Allen key to form a longer handle, and with a pair of hand scales placed six inches along the extension bar, torqued the nuts to 6lb (crude, but effective).

After a coat of underseal and a dose of Waxoyl, the tank was fitted into place and later secured via the underside bolt and two additional securing straps over the top.

The Doughnut Tank and Multi Valve.

The tank is hollow in the centre with a base plate, which has two small holes to take the fixing bracket, and a large hole for the vent pipe. When fitted the centre becomes a gas tight compartment vented to the outside of the car.

The Tank Close up of fitted Multi-valve. The Multi Valve features a gas in non-return valve, gas shut off valve, safety valve, overfill protection device and sender unit.
Tyre well prepared ready for the tank to be installed. See the installed vent pipe Exit
The sealed exit vent pipe
The Fitted Tank
The Finished Boot


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