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System Mods
Hi Fi
Audio Install
Door Speakers
2006-7000 upgrade
2007-7000 upgrade
Using LEDs in Instruments
Adding Reverse Radar
Fitting Rev Radar#2
Fitting Rev Radar#3
8-Sensor Park System
Seating upgrades
Fitting a towbar
InCar SatNav
TomTom Satnav
LPG Conv (24V)
LPG Conv (2.0 16V)
2.3 LPG Conv
SVI LPG Conv (24V)
LPG Filler Mod
Exhaust system 24V





Owners are often keen to 'improve' their car, be it by adding functionality like a tow bar, or improving the radio with a new amp, to a sequential LPG injection system or the latest word in proximity systems.

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