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  Exhaust system 24V

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Exhaust system 24V

  The 24V Scorpio is fitted with a quad cam 2.9 litre V6 that was breathed on by Cosworth Engineering before being installed in the top of the range Scorpios. With it's variable induction system and such niceties as sodium filled valves (4 per cylinder) and Mahle pistons it is a potent beast, pushing out 207BHP and plenty of low down torque.

The only problem is that it doesn't sound like one - more Ford Sierra than Maserati if you know what I mean.

When the exhaust on mine started to fail I took the opportunity to investigate alternatives however with less than 100,000 vehicles ever produced you can understand why the local Kwik Fits weren't very forthcoming with a low cost replacement and our friendly Ford dealer wished to flex my flexible friend to the tune of 470 +vat +fitting to get a genuine Ford replacement. This was for a standard mild steel exhaust with a 2 year warranty.

I had driven past a site called Protyre in Marsh Barton, Exeter on several occasions and they deal in fancy alloy wheels and suspension so I called in one day to enquire. Generally they deal in Scorpion exhausts but of course they had nothing for the Scorpio 'off the shelf' - however Mathew on their Sales counter called their 'custom guy' who checked what could be done and agreed to build a custom unit for my Scorp from scratch, quoting 400 +vat for one in Stainless Steel with a lifetime warranty. On top of that I had the choice of tailpipe.

Dropping the car off in the morning, I left her in their hands requesting a twin tailpipe with rolled edges. They explained that they would replace the 4 box design with a 3 box system. Returning at around 5 pm the car was up on the ramp for my inspection and what a beautiful job they made of it.

I will take some audio recordings but here is my verdict. The car idles smoothly with a burble not dissimilar to a large American V8 - it sounds beautiful outside the car and is barely audible inside the car at tickover. However at 1500 - 2500rpm on medium throttle there is a noticeable boom inside the car which means that if you like the whisper quiet standard system then this is not for you.

BUT - use the gearbox S setting and open her up on the dual carriageway and from 3200 up to the redline it is pure automotive music - not only is the car quicker but the the sound is that of the Maserati - rising to a scream that sends tingles down your spine.

I have yet to get her on the motorway to see how much noise we get inside the cabin at speed but she will be noisier I am sure. Hopefully  the CD player should drown most of that out. I am just concerned about fuel consumption as she sounds so nice at higher revs I can't resist using it that way.

The best news was that when I picked the car up they only charged me 280 including fitting and VAT - what a bargain!

Protyre are a national tyre and exhaust centre specialising in high performance aftermarket kit and their web site is at

They gave me a choice of tailpipes, singles and twins with rolled edge or slash cut and various sizes.

The system is very high quality and the boxes have been polished. Fittings and hangers are custom made for the vehicle.
Here you can see the single large bore pipe leading from the twin hi-performance silencers and the specially fabricated hanger that was created.
The front pipes have been retained because of their flexible section that reduces vibration in the system but these now lead into the twin center silencers.



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