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  Fitting Rev Radar#2

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Fitting an aftermarket reversing radar.

I have just bought and fitted a set of reversing radar to my 1997 Ultima estate.
The kit is called Brees Parking Sensor and comes complete with all wiring and instruction. I got it on Ebay for £50.00 inc postage. It seems well built and was easy to fit, as you only had to connect 2 wires! It took me about 2 hours in total to fit.
I first removed the interior trim from the tailgate….about half a dozen screws.

Then the 2 handles and 4 one-way fixers.

I then removed the number plate/reversing light surround. This is held in place by about TEN 10mm nuts from the inside. There is also a screw behind the number plate. Mine’s was rusted on so I had to break the plastic to remove it.
Next I stuck the two sensors onto the surround just below the reversing lights (near the edge). Then came the wiring. Having found a suitable place for the control unit (just to right of the reversing lights inside the tailgate), I connected the two wires…1 power, 1 earth. I checked them with a test light.
I put the display unit on the rear screen next to the brake light so I can see it when reversing.


It’s just a case of putting everything back after tiding up the wiring. I put the sensor wires up behind the number plate. You could drill 2 small holes and feed them inside that way if you wanted to (didn’t want to risk the surround).

A simple and effective job. The kit lets you get to about 12 inches from a parked car etc. before the red lights come on and the ‘beep’ becomes continuance.





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