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  Adding Reverse Radar
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The later facelift Scorpios were fitted with a reversing sensor fitted to the rear bumper which, using a series of audible beeps, will indicate gradually decreasing distance to any object behind. A godsend in assisting parking as the vehicle is generally large and long.

There are a number of aftermarket models that can be fitted and are available from Motor Factors and stores such as Halfords. Generally these range in price from 60 - 150 depending upon the specification.

The cheapest found so far is a build it yourself kit from Maplin at just 15 - but you have to build it yourself (so requires a soldering iron etc), is preset at a fixed distance, and has no box - for someone handy with electronics and prepared to make the effort to build suitable enclosures this is by far the cheapest option.

Pete however purchased a kit from CPC which offers a digital distance readout. He chose to mount the unit above the rear view mirror but others may prefer it to be mounted on the rear parcel shelf so that reversing can be accomplished by looking over the shoulder for maximum safety.

There are other similar designs available and are easy to install, taking their power from the reversing lamps. The only problem is that the reversing lamps are fitted into the bootlid and you will therefore need to trace the wiring back to a suitable location to splice a scotchlok connector in.




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