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Alternative Audio (I.C.E.) installations

Last year, an exchange took place on the List about audio installs. Steve H, an expert audio installer, mentioned that his Scorpio had a 'few changes'.











To anyone interested

Steve H


I like it, is that the Warp core?  LOL



Close! Actually it's a custom perspex enclosure accommodating 2 Precision Devices 21" Sub Woofers.

Steve H


I'm surprised the 6000 will drive those....

Ah, but these will!

Steve H

Be afraid ... be very afraid. Doesn't that contravene local strategic arms limitation agreements?

Not quite as detailed, but here's the back of mine
why - cuz i like my music to sound exactly right and the standard Ford
speakers don't give enough feeling to it

Steve, Just how many MW  (not PMP LOL) do you need to power it?

...and how many extra batteries in the trailer?

This many batteries, mounted behind the capacitors.
All those amps & batteries however, don't just power the subs!

Why? Spirit of Competition!

Steve H

Yeah, was gonna get that system put in mine but decided not to - nowhere for the spare tyre......

Well actually, the car has a modified bracket underneath the car for the spare wheel!
So that's no excuse.

Steve H

Let's see the bit in the dash too - is it a normal volume knob????


The Pioneer ODR Display mounted in the Sun Visor.
Steve H


Ah, but does it have "Lock on go" fitted...? (Why do I think I may regret asking that?)

Standard part of the Clifford Security System!
Steve H.

See, he goes straight for the ICE fitment and doesn't mention the important stuff, relocated spare, (useful for anyone considering LPG conversion), overstroked engine, Clifford Alarm - has it got Reversing Radar though???


John, yes it did have a system with LED's in the rearview mirror, however the mirror was modified to accept a further LCD display. So yes, it's still on the car but not connected.
Steve H

Saves having to use a scrapper, then, you just turn the stereo on and let it melt the ice in seconds..?



I thought you were saying 'scrapper', ie. Steve would never have to scrap his Scorpio, just turn the volume up to full and the car will dismantle itself.

> Seriously though, even though 'ICE' isn't my thing, all credit where a job is well done, and this is no half-measure by Steve!

I'd really like to know about the engine work, are the exhaust and gearbox  still standard, how well do they cope? Did you need to remap or replace the  PCM or the injectors? What's the new compresion ratio? What does the power curve look like? etc.

Alas Lee, this is not my own work. I bought the vehicle from a good friend who did do the job! I just judged it in competition. The vehicle is back to some kind of normality but still retains the engine mods and wild door panels.

Steve H

I have introduced my own audio which is set up mainly for sound quality, which is not to say that the monster install didn't sound good, because it did, despite to 21" drivers in the boot!
The back of the car is a little more subdued now, but the advantage is I can use the boot now! I have also installed head rest screens and a visor screen along with DVD & Play station and switching units.
Steve H





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