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  Upgrading from Cloth to Leather Seats

Alan, the owner of a 2.0L Executive estate asked on the List if it was possible to upgrade the seats from the standard manual cloth to a full leather set with electric movement from an Ultima. His seats were clean and unmarked, but their appearance was not very inspiring. He wanted to know if the leather set would fit, if the electric adjustment motors would work without the memory module, and whether there would be a power supply nearby.

Chris supplied the answers. He stated that he had already upgraded his seats, and that the full movement electric seats would fit provided that the rails and all the motors were intact. The front seats only needed a +12V and ground for all the motors to work on the multi-position switches on the side of the seat. Since Alan did not want the memory function that was fine. Chris couldn't help him with the whether the saloon rear seats would fit the estate, but Alan decided to go ahead anyway and purchased the entire set from a scrapyard. The cost was 141 all in including delivery, the long centre console and the door cards. Good value!

lan used the existing wiring for the drivers seat as the old seat had power for up/down only. This cable was all that was needed for all positions on new drivers seat to work. (orange/yellow = 12v
black = negative).

Although there were no wires protruding from the floor under the passenger seat Alan came across
a 6 pin female connector under the carpet clamped to the floor behind the track. He found the positive and ground wires and joined them to the wiring on the seat - yellow/orange 12v and black is negative. Bingo - fully operating electric passenger's seat!

Now for the rear. Alan found that the saloon seats are slightly narrower than those on his Estate, but the ballasts are wider, and the seats worked very well. The only slight problem was that the ballast bolts were slightly too short to lock in. He went back to the scrappie and purchased slightly longer bolts to replace them - cost 2.

The saloon seats have a marked lip at the rear where they would engage with the rear parcel shelf, but the estate load cover fits neatly beneath that so this was not a problem.

Now the end result:


Alan has raised the interior of an executive specification to (almost) an Ultima. What a superb result.

Thanks to Alan for the details and the pix, Chris for the advice.



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