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Where to find rust
Cavity Wax

Starting at the front of the car. The crossmember was suffering from light rust and so Waxoyl was sprayed inside it using the access holes both on top and underneath. I used Comma to spray the outside surfaces and dribbled some down the join at the rear which was showing some rust where the two pieces of metal joined.
I removed both plastic covers (3 screws) and treated the crossmember and where it joins the towing eye with liberal amounts of Waxoyl. The inside of this area had quite a lot of surface rust and so it was well worth catching it now before it progressed further.
The inner wing area underneath the airbox and behind the headlamps is always one of the first areas to be attacked on most cars. I used Comma in these areas as they are partially visible and the Comma forms a partially transparent layer whereas Waxoyl is almost opaque. I also crawled under the car and attached the other side of this area first using Undershield and then a heavy dose of Waxoyl. Again surface rust had taken hold in that area.
Using Comma again I sprayed around the suspension turrets on both sides of the car and removed the battery and sprayed the battery box area and around the windscreen wiper mechanism and around the fuse boxes. These areas collect dead leaves etc so I cleaned them out before applying the spray.
The underneath of the car was painted with Undershield which I left to dry for 2 weeks and then sprayed with Waxoyl. All of the box sections were sprayed with Waxoyl too.
The front suspension and brake pipes were all treated to undershield and Waxoyl. Keep the Waxoyl spray away from the brake disks and calipers - it won't improve your braking abilities if you contaminate the pads.
The rear of the car cam in for major applications of Undershield around the fuel tank and around the rear box sections. It appears that the rear sections accumulate mud and so this was removed and the areas painted with Undershield which when dry was oversprayed with Waxoyl. Waxoyl was also sprayed into all of the box sections.
You can see the yellow brown Waxoyl in this picture. At about 17 pounds a gallon it's well worth being liberal with it although it does take time for the smell to dissipate. I paid particular attention to the fuel tank as I have had cars that rusted their tanks which was expensive and messy to repair.
Around the rear axle you will see the various items of brake pipes and fuel pipes. I followed these from the front through to the back of the car and coated them all with Waxoyl spray. Rusty brake pipes are an immediate MOT failure and very dangerous so well worth protecting at this stage.
  I applied Comma into the access holes at the front of the bonnet and the rear bootlid to protect their trailing edges and I still have the doors to do. Removing the door panels will be a bigger job so awaits decent weather as I have to do all work outside.


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