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  Where to find rust

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Where to find rust
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Having examined a fair number of Scorpios I have come to the conclusion that they are better than most at rust protection. However several vehicles including some 1998 models that owners have recently acquired are showing that without some work being done now they will start to suffer in the years to come. Rustproofing is a thankless messy task but you will only need to do it once and then top it up each autumn.

Below are some examples of the rust that we found on the oldest car that we currently know of - manufactured in November 1994. Very few cars exhibit any surface rust but a crawl underneath will show where rust is starting to form around the seams. Even if you simply remove the loose mud and any flaky rust and spray liberally with Waxoyl or similar you will be doing yourself and your car a big favour.

With even the youngest car now some 5 years old, the ravages of salty roads will take its toll on the underneath
Water seeping into the boot lid can cause rust from the inside to form. Get the waxoyl inside to stop the rust from spreading.
The returns on the wheelarchs of every car are subject to the worst of the road spray and chipping from flying stones. Get the waxoyl around the back and touch up the rust spots as soon as they appear.
Some owners of later models (in particular the R regs) have reported serious rust in the edge of the front doors as you can see on the left. Older cars do not appear to suffer as badly.
If you come across rust on your Scorpio then let us know so that we can add it to these pages. A photo will help too.


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