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  Suspension Manual

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Steering & Suspension

The following are the Workshop Manuals for the suspension assemblies, by kind permission of Ford (Europe) Please observe Ford copyright.

Front Suspension

Front Suspension Description

Front Suspension Specifications

Front Axle assembly

Front Crossmember

Front Stabiliser bar

Front Stabiliser link arm

Front Lower Arm (wishbone)


Front Wheels

Front Wheel Alignment

Front Wheel Toe-In

Front Spindle Carrier

Front Wheel Bearing


Rear Axle

Rear Axle Specifications

Rear Suspension Assembly

Rear Axle Overhaul

Differential Assembly

Differential Remove/Instal

Differential Overhaul

Rear Driveshafts Remove/Instal

Rear Driveshafts Overhaul

Drive Pinion Seal

Prop Shaft

Differential Insulator


Rear Suspension

Rear Lower Arm

Rear Lower Arm (Estate)

Rear Suspension Insulator

Rear Road Spring

Rear Shock Absorbers

Rear Hub Assembly

Rear Wheel Bearing

Renew Wheel Stud

Rear Suspension Stabiliser




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