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  Cosworth Engine Bay
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Cosworth Engine Bay


Isn't this just the dogs! The 2.9 Ford Cologne V6 has been shipped to Cosworth, where Mahle pistons and Cosworth's own cylinder heads of pentroof design, four overhead cams driven by two simplex chains and variable resonance inlet system put out 207bhp. The extra width of the new cylinder heads have meant that the ABS controller has had to be moved from the usual bulkhead site down to the n/s wing. No distributor, you’ll notice. This has been replaced by a contactless computerised system (EDIS) which is the small black item beneath the front left of the Cosworth engine shield.

Why does the engine look different from the Granada Cosworth? See Ford-Cosworth 24V



 Offside View

Things get very tight here. In order to replace a broken nut on the offside exhaust downpipe, the whole manifold had to come out. On the bulkhead there is only room for the brake reservoir, and even the power steering reservoir had to be separated from the power steering pump. The ABS modulator has been moved to the same wing below the coolant reservoir. These are protected from the heat of the exhaust manifold by an alloy shield. Above the exhaust manifold is one of the crackle-black finish cam covers with the oil filler cap.  



 Nearside Engine bay

The air filter and resonator plenum chamber fill most of the space here. Beneath them is the air con compressor and the ride height control pump. The recuperator/dryer for the air conditioning is packed into the front wing behind the headlamp.

There is an explanation of the sensors on the 24V Cosworth engine on Components




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