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  Installing Subwoofer

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Installing Subwoofer
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Because the speakers are confined in small enclosures without a boot to sound the bass, although the sound quality is excellent I felt it needed a little more oomph.
So a sub woofer was next.

A pioneer sub was connected in exactly the same way as the amplifier, except there are no speakers to connect it to.

The second switched live from the head unit and a second permanent live were installed to the sub.

Speaker inputs were carried from the original speaker wires on the amp to the SP inputs on the sub. The sub was then tuned with about 40% gain and the frequency response at about 15hz.

The result is staggering. I love hearing bass. Not that mindless (IMO) thud-thud-thud that kids seem to like nowadays, but the clever and musical way of using bass notes to counterpoint and complement a harmony. Now, as well as a powerful and accurate sound from the rear to balance with the very good speakers at the front, I can hear every slurred bass note as the player picks his way up and down the complementary scale.


  The finished installation. The luggage cover hides the amplifier perfectly. There are no clues to the Pioneer 6X9s lurking in the sides, and only the Pioneer sub gives it away.

(But thatís too big to hide!)

Usefully, if I fold the single seat forward I can make adjustments to the amp while sat in the front passenger seat which saves a lot of running backwards and forwards!





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