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The following pages are intended to assist the DIY radio installer. You may, like me, decide to install a separate amp and better rear speakers (to improve the appalling units in the estate) or you may wish to replace the Ford head unit completely. In either case, a knowledge of the connectors and the radio interface unit is needed.

Up to 9/95 the Scorpio retained the radio installation of the Granada, using established radio cassettes and external amplifier. It was clear that they were already planning for the newer series units, because the radio space was 100mm, and a small cubby filled the space below the unit. In January 1995 the remote stalk controller mounted on the steering column became standard equipment.

The lowest specification in this series was the 2001, a stereo radio. 

2005 and 2015 were stereo radio/cassette players and had 2 speakers only.

2006, 2007 and 2016 radio/cassette players added the RDS-EON functions and four speakers, and the 2007 was also built as a CD controller, but only if it states that on the front face.

If your radio looks similar to that the on right, you need the earlier pages Radio To 9/95.

In 9/95 the entire radio range changed, together with the wiring and the connectors and the separate amplifier was deleted.

The entire Ford was standardised so that a unit could quickly be upgraded. The range commenced with the 3000  (not fitted to later Scorpios) through 4000 and 5000. The 6000 is a single-CD player/radio, while the 7000 is a radio/cassette with CD controller.  

For details of this installation, see Radio 9/95 On.

For details of a speaker and amp upgrade of my Estate, see HiFi.

If you are unhappy with your current radio installation then take a look at

2006 Radio Upgrade

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