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Vehicle Ultima 2.9 24V Estate
Year 1995
Mileage 55,000
Repair Cost 1.50
Repair Part(s) Water repellant electrical grease or similar

Fault - ABS and Traction Control warning light comes on in wet weather.

For the past two years when driving in very wet weather the ABS and Traction Control warning lights have illuminated/flickered for some minutes before clearing again.

This only occurred when driven through surface water, and the lights were always off the next day. I assumed that it was a rear ABS sensor (since the rear sensors are used both by the ABS and the Traction Control systems,) but because the fault always cleared I did not pursue it.

Recently the ABS wiring was disturbed during work on the PAS pipe replacement, after which the ABS light came on. This was investigated, and my technician found that the multiplug leading to the ABS module (in the engine bay low down on the offside Macpherson strut turret) had made a poor connection. He stated that the multiplug was low enough to be affected by spray, and was further dried by heat from the exhaust manifold and because of this the fault might occur on other Scorpios. 

He used water-repellant electrical grease on the multiplug and this has cleared the symptom



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