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  Fusebox Rebuild

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Roger Utstrand from Norway has spent time recently rebuilding his Scorpio 24V Estate and has documented every stage with photographs - we are extremely grateful that he has allowed us to use them on this web site. These few images here demonstrate his rebuild of the Fusebox - one of the areas of the Scorpio that can be prone to corrosion which causes a wide range of faults to appear that the uninformed can diagnose as failing components elsewhere, often leaving the Scorpio owner out of pocket as the components are often fine but the Fusebox is the culprit.

Most owners would purchase a new replacement, however Roger has rebuilt his - not a job for the faint hearted!

click an image for full size version

Being a Norwegian vehicle it is LHD and the main fusebox is located on the left.
You can see the complexity of the box with it's multiple layers of copper tracks and insulating sheets. Keeping track of the parts is essential!
After cleaning the items are reassembled in their correct order
The final completed fusebox ready for reinstalling into the car.
There are a lot of cables to be reconnected - not a job to be rushed.




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