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  Aux Warning Systems

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Auxiliary Warning Systems

Higher specification models have an Auxiliary Warning System built in to the dashboard display.  These give coolant and low temperature warnings.  Some models have a Park Position system to assist with reversing and these details are also shown.

The following are the Workshop Manuals sent to us by Ford to assist their Scorpio owners, here reproduced in PDF format.  Please respect Ford copyright.


AWS Specifications



AWS Panel

AWS Display - not serviceable

Auxillary panel bulb

Boot ajar switch

Front Door Ajar switch

Rear Door Ajar switch

Low coolant switch - petrol models

Low Coolant switch - diesel models

Low Air Temperature switch

Low Washer fluid switch

Fuel Sender

Central Timer Module


Park Position System

Park Position Display - Saloon

Park Position Display - Estate

Park Module - Saloon

Park Module - Estate

Park Sensor - Saloon

Park Sensor - Estate





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