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The measurements for the Scorpio remained the same throughout production.

  Exterior Measurements MM SaloonEstate
AOverall length48254826
BOverall width without mirrors1760 1760
COverall width with mirrors 18751875
DUnladen height 13881442
EWheelbase 27702770
Interior Front
FEffective headroom969 972
GMax. effective legroom1069 1069
HShoulder room1434 1434
Interior Rear
IEffective headroom955991
JMin. effective leg room979950
KShoulder room14231423
Stowable luggage, cubic metres
L 5-seat mode0.4650.550
M2-seat mode (laden to roof)-1.60
Turning Circle : Kerb to Kerb 10.4 metres - Wall to wall 11 metres

In 1994 the weights of the models then available was announced as:

Scorpio SaloonExecutiveGhia UltimaGVWMax Towing
2.0 8V 5 speed1470--2035 1850
2.0 16V 5 Speed1471 1478152920351850
2.0 16V Auto148414911542 20351850
2.9 12V Auto 151115181569TBA 1850
2.9 24V Auto1580 1587163821251850
2.5 TD 5 speed15811588 164121251850
Scorpio Estate
2.0 8V 5 Speed 1511--21602000
2.0 16V 5 Speed153215391568 21602000
2.0 16V Auto1545 1553158121602000
2.9 12V Auto157215791617TBA 2000
2.9 24V Auto16151642 167122352000
2.5 TD 5 speed1621164716762235 2000

By the end of 1997, the 8V and 16V 2.0L and the 12V 2.9L variants had been discontinued, (for the Cologne engine, the end of an era) while the Diesel Scorpio had gained an auto gearbox. The Ultima spec was only available in Auto. The revised weights showed that some trimming had taken place:

Scorpio SaloonGhia Ghia XUltimaGVWMax Towing
2.3 16V14561607- 20351850
2.3 16V Auto 14691620165220351850
2.5 TD15011639 -21251575
2.5 TD Auto1529166717032150 Unsuitable
2.9i 24V auto1559 1704174121251850
Scorpio Estate
2.3 16V 15081658-21252000
2.3 16V Auto152116731694 21252000
2.5 TD 15481691-2200 1575
2.5 TD Auto15841727 17482225Unsuitable
2.9i 24V auto 16051761178122002000

Weights in Kilos. Assumes full fluid levels, 90% full fuel tank and no driver.

Towing limits represent the maximum towing ability of the vehicle at GVW to restart on an 8% gradient at sea level. The Diesel Scorpio automatic is shown as unsuitable for towing.

Maximum permissable roof rack load remained at 75Kg for all models.

Figures based on Ford Brochures December 1994 and November 1997.





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