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  Steering Wander

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Vehicle Ultima 2.9 24V Estate
Year 1995
Mileage 72,000
Repair Cost 150
Repair Part(s) Radius Arm
Fault Finding - Vague steering - steering wander at cruising speed
While on a long journey, the first for some months, I became aware that the front steering needed constant correction. It was being affected by road camber to a degree not noticed before. 

This was not noticeable on town journeys, only on high speed cruising. I had the steering checked during the next service, where it was found that both the front radius arms had failed. The large inner bushes had split, allowing the wheel lateral movement which caused the vagueness in the steering.

The front radius arms are not serviceable but are fitted in about half an hour each side. Cost should be 90 per radius arm and 1 hours labour (60)



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