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A recent exchange on the Scorpio List touched on the fitment of badges on the Scorpio. A member had seen a car showing Scorpio Ultima badges on the rear door pillars.

Previously I had noticed a 1996 Scorpio Ultima, like mine, but with Ultima badges, while mine had the standard SCORPIO badges. When I checked, I found that the plain badge was correct for the 1995 model, but they had been changed later to include the trim level - so I ordered a pair. The old ones came off using thin fishing line. This is used in a saw-like motion behind the badge to cut through the self-adhesive pad - the badges are all self-adhesive - and then I used cellulose thinner to remove all traces of the old pad. In cold weather, use a hair dryer first to warm the new pad before pressing the badge firmly in place.

The figure above is the official Ford diagram showing the badge fittings.

Badge 2 is the standard SCORPIO badge fitted to all cars before some time in 1996, after which 7, 8 or 9 were attached as appropriate, while the original badge remained for the lowest spec. I list the badges and the Finis numbers below.

Part FINIS Code Description
1 7 250 763 Ford Oval grille/rear
2 6 658 529 Scorpio door
3 7 003 662 24V wing
4 1 035 703 2.3 wing
5 1 035 704 TDi wing
6 1 050 090 TD wing
7 1 036 096 Ghia door
8 1 036 098 Ghia-X door
9 1 036 099 Ultima door
10 6 077 950 Ghia wing/boot
11 1 049 918 Scorpio boot

When the 24V Cosworth engine was introduced in the 92 Granada the Cosworth moniker was reserved for the lower boot location but with the introduction of the Scorpio, no COSWORTH badges were placed on the bodywork. It was as if Ford decided not to announce it or maybe their experiences with the Sierra Cosworth and the high insurance and theft rates decided it for them - the 24V badges on the wings would have to be enough. In fact the Granada 24V badges were different from the Scorpio, having a more serif font, (6 641 594).

However, there are two COSWORTH badges which one might consider mounting on the rear, perhaps to give warning to the tailgating driver of that Golf GTi before he blows a head gasket trying to keep up. (My 95 Scorpio Ultima has no badge at all mounted on the rear tailgate, except the Ford oval.)

The badges were issued for the Escort and Sierra Cosworths. One is a plain badge, 6 650 549 and the other with a black background, 6 499 467.



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