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Cosworth Cover
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  When I purchased my Scorpio the engine bay had suffered some neglect and a quick dose of the Gunk and pressure washer cleared most of the oil and muck off it. I still have some work to do cleaning the alloy parts and if anyone knows a quick method then let me know.

However the top plastic cover had been badly marked and the 'chrome' 24V and Cosworth badges were worn through and just looked a mess. I didn't dare ask Ford how much one was and anyway the Wife would have thrown me out if I'd spent money on just a cosmetic part.

So here's the story of how I improved it for just 7

This is silver leaf available from our local hobby store in Watford. It comes in Gold or Silver as well as some weird alternatives if you want to get really silly :)

Cost was just 4.75 for 14 sheets and I ended up using just 2 - now what else can I use it on.....

Now this is what you do - firstly clean the parts thoroughly using firstly a degreaser (Gunk or similar) and then washing up liquid, hot water and a stiff brush. When dry you need to paint a very thin layer of 'Size' onto the parts that you want the silver leaf to stick to. Now I didn't pay much attention to this and spent a long time afterwards cleaning it off where it shouldn't have been.

I later found something called 'Liquid Masking Tape' from Halfords which was a paint on rubber solution which I could have used to protect the areas where I didn't want the leaf to stick.

Once the Size has dried you very carefully open up your pack of leaf and (making sure it's the right way up before you open the pack!) remove a sheet from it's protective paper. It is very delicate so make sure your Wife doesn't open the door when it's balanced on the end of your paintbrush (THANKS JAN!!).

Lay it carefully onto the areas that were sized - be careful as it attracts the leaf like a magnet and it's too easy to get it all wrinkled. If it does get a wrinkle or too then it can be smoothed out a bit and it's not overtly noticeable when you have finished.

On reflection I might have done one letter at a time to make it easier.

Using a stiffish paint brush start to gently brush the leaf so that it covers every part of the letter. You should leave it for about an hour before cleaning it off which I did with the aid of a vacuum cleaner and rapid stroking with the paintbrush. The leaf just breaks away at the join leaving a nice neat finish.


To finish it off I sprayed the retaining nuts with a metallic gold paint - I know it's a bit OTT but it finishes the whole job off quite nicely - well I think so anyway!

Again this paint was from Halfords and it really does give a bright shiny finish - I was most impressed with it.

I noticed that Andrew Skeltons Scorpio has a home painted grille in Silver - I'm tempted to get a spare grill from the breakers and try painting it with the silver version of this paint and just seeing what effect it has on the styling.

I can hear the groans already LOL

The finished article - not 100% perfect but far better than it was and no longer an embarrassment when I show off the engine bay.



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