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Window tinting has always been popular in the USA where constant sunshine can quickly wreck a cars interior. It serves a number of purposes, both in protecting the interior from UV damage, as well as reducing the glare from sunshine and thus keeping the car cool. In today's vandal ridden society it also helps keep the windows intact after a break-in attempt and thus makes it a little more difficult for them to gain entry - especially with the double locking of the Scorpio where they cannot open the door and are forced to try and get in thru the window.

The Scorpio does seem to suit the limo glass effect as you can see from the photos below, however I seriously recommend that you don't try and fit it yourself from a Halfords kit - get it done professionally. I have tried both and the DIY kit leaves air bubbles etc that the pros manage to eradicate.

Expect to pay around 250 for the fitting and you can choose the density of the film used.





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