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Customizing a car will always be a controversial subject as undoubtedly the action of customizing will appeal mostly to the individual owner and probably not to the general public or other owners. We should remember that Ford spent millions developing the Scorpio and getting expert advice on every single aspect of the car and so who are we to declare any part to be wrong? It's a matter of personal choice and aesthetics.

I have noticed whilst building the site that various owners have customized parts of the car and I wanted to bring them all together to show what has been done - hopefully it will inspire others or at least provoke comment :)


The front bib spoiler is taken from a Volkswagen Passat 1993+
This owner lives in Finland where the days grow very short so high power lamps are not so strange as they may appear to us Brits.
A lowering kit dropped the body by 40mm and the 17" Alessio wheels are fitted with 225/40 at the front and 235/35 at the rear
At the rear a wind spoiler has been fitted to help keep the rear screen clear.
This owner has fitted stainless steel or chrome eyebrows to the wheelarchs as well as a change of alloys.
The rear spoiler with high level brake lamp has been colour coordinated and looks as it it was fitted at the factory.

A common exhaust upgrade is to twin large bore exit pipes which deepen the exhaust note.

This Scorpio has been fitted with a rear spoiler from an Audi 80 - it has rather more curve than the above version but no brake lamp included.
Again a twin pipe exhaust has been added as part of a custom made CAT-back stainless steel exhaust.
These are a set of alloys supplied by a local tyre garage in Exeter. Manufactured by BK (Model 299) they are fitted with a set of Federal tyres - 225/45 17" ZR and have proven to be very quiet at speed. The tread pattern is not dissimilar to the latest Goodyear F1 pattern.

Expect to pay around 700 for a set of 4 incl tyres.

Note that these wheels were replaced under warrenty with full chrome ones as they corroded over the winter.

Window tinting can also make a dramatic effect to the look of the car and is relatively inexpensive. Just don't tint the front windscreen as it's illegal to do so!
Kevin decided to go all the way with a custom built twin exhaust system! Note the Cosworth badge on the boot lid too.

Recently he also darkened his rear lamp clusters which on this colour car appears rather effective and note the Cosworth boot badge that Ford omitted due to the attention the Sierra Cosworth was receiving at the time from the "light fingered brigade"!

A close up of one of the tail pipes which uses an expander to give the illusion of a large bore pipe whereas it uses a 'sensible' bore diameter.




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