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  There have been several enquiries about a rear spoiler for the Scorpio saloon and the odd photo of one fitted but no-one seemed to know what would fit although there were suggestions that a Sierra Sapphire one might do the job - however at 70-100 it seemed no-one wanted to try.

A visit to the car boot sale this morning however turned up a brand new rear spoiler that was intended for an Audi 80 - the thing that caught my eye was that the rear edge was elliptical and when I checked the boot of my 24V it was a perfect match. After a bit of haggling it was mine for 10.

Fitting was relatively easy as long as you position the spoiler as far back as possible - that leaves the rear edge of the vertical standoff of the spoiler approx 10mm from the edge of the boot. I marked and drilled 2 x 6.5mm holes for the two center standoffs and then used paint on the edge pieces which I then pressed into place to mark the surface of the bootlid to work out where the holes went. The edges have two bolts apiece and they go into a blind cavity in the bootlid structure so fitting the bolts meant I needed two access holes. The front access was made by drilling through the top hole all the way through the bottom metalwork and then reverse drilling with a 13mm drill. That left a hole large enough for 1/4" socket to go through to tighten the bolt. The rear one was easy - I simply drilled out the pop rivets holding the rubber bumper and drilled an 10mm alongside, filing it into a channel that allowed the extension bar of the socket to enter allowing the rear bolt to be tightened and then refitting the bumper with new pop rivets. All drill holes were deburred and painted and after fitting a generous dose of spray cavity wax was used.

I needed to trim the lower edges where the spoiler overhung the edge of the boot by approx 3mm to ensure that it didn't touch the bodywork - a Stanley knife made short work of that.

I intend getting it all sprayed body colour shortly but it doesn't look too bad in black.

Access holes for the edge bolts.
The finished look - not that the exhaust has now been replaced with a Stainless Steel performance exhaust with twin pipes.
This is a different spoiler fitted to a vehicle in Estonia (LHD) - not sure of the origins of the spoiler but it does include a high level brake light.
Note the twin pipe exhaust fitted as well as the chrome/stainless wheelarch eyebrows. These are the first that I have seen fitted to a Scorpio.


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